Awkward First Dates!

There's no secret that dating has taken on a whole new meaning in this day and age. Dating can be awkward, painful and downright creepy, especially in the time of face masks! I never thought in a million years I would agree to go out with a man wearing a mask, but here we are, and I figure as long as his mask has a picture of Captain America then he's probably harmless. I've been pretty lucky as far as awkward dates is concerned, but when you've dated as long as I have, its only a matter of time until the awkwardness rears its ugly head. One time when I was out with a man, we were sitting at a table in a restaurant and he started making crude gestures and noises, so much so, that the waitress never came back to take our order. On another occasion, the guy started making out with me in the middle of a crowded bar, I could feel everyone's eyes on us 😳 One time a man just invited me out into the woods with him... who said romance is dead. I went on another date where the guy took me to this really dingy diner, didn't even offer to pay for my drink, and then ditched me to hang out with his ex. These are just a few of my experiences dating, which is just one of the reasons I don't date anymore. Do you have an awkward dating story? Please share in the comments below!

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