Be Beauty, See Beauty

We have a choice to go through our day focusing on everything that's wrong or we can go through life seeing and immersing ourselves in the beauty around us. I notice this a lot when working in customer service, and it always starts with the weather. People don't know what else to talk about during the two minutes that they're waiting for their appointment to get scheduled or their credit card to work, so they automatically go to how horrible the weather is, how the rain is relentless, blah, blah, blah... But if you notice, these types of people start small and the more you talk to them the more things they find that are wrong. It's a state of mind. Being negative is contagious; just like joy, happiness and kindness is contagious. It's palpable. Have you ever entered a room and felt a bad or negative energy? It's the same kind of feeling when you walk in a room and everyone's dead silent because they were just talking about you.

If we look for what's bad or wrong around us, we will get more of it. What we focus on expands and if we focus on negative things, we will get more negative things in our life. I've spent a lot of my life focusing on what's going wrong; on everything that I've missed, of everything I have to do to measure up. I've spent a lot of time telling people what I'm bad at, rather than what I have to offer. I've spent a lot of time comparing myself to others, focusing on other peoples actions toward me and the only thing that comes from this is sadness, weakness and heartache. This is the way I've always perceived myself in the world. It's not TRUTH, but rather the way I've attached meaning to a false belief system. Now that I'm aware that this belief system is false I can change my thoughts to reflect what's good in my life and what I have to offer myself and others. The way we see the world, is the world we're creating. Focusing on the negative is a waste of life, and life is a gift that shouldn't be squandered. We can always find something wrong, but we can always find goodness and light as well. If we focus on the good things rather than the bad, we will continue to find goodness around us. We can look for what we love and what we want, rather than what we don't want. "Be Beauty, See Beauty." When we look at beauty more beauty shows up. Don't be hindered by all the things that are wrong around us. Take charge of your life by creating the life you want; by having the freedom to create a happy, fulfilling life for yourself 💕

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