Can an object be possessed?

Be careful what you buy online... this seemingly harmless object was purchased by a man named Kevin Mannis at an estate sale in 2001, but the story dates all the way back to the Holocaust. For any collector, this wine cabinet was a significant piece of history as it made its treacherous journey overseas with holocaust survivor Havaleh. Havaleh fled the Poland Holocaust by making an escape into Spain, where she purchased the box before immigrating to America. Legend says that Havaleh had used a Ouija board to curse the Nazi's after her escape, but instead a demon(Dybbuk) crossed over and made its home inside her new wine cabinet. Instead of cursing her enemies, she unknowingly cursed the box, which is now termed the Dybbuk box. After Havaleh passed away, her granddaughter sold the box at an estate sale which Mannis attended. Mannis, who owned an antique and furniture refinishing business in Portland Oregon at the time, offered to give the box back to the family once he learned it was a family heirloom; but the family insisted they did not want the box anywhere near them, because they believed a demon lived inside. Upon opening the box, Mannis discovered two pennies dated from 1920, several locks of hair that were bound with cord, a small statue engraved with the Hebrew word "Shalom," a small wine goblet, a dried rose bud and a single candle holder. After these discoveries, Mannis soon experienced strange phenomena, which included a series of horrific nightmares, strange health problems including hives, welts, and coughing up blood and the scent of cat urine and jasmine flowers. The nightmares that Mannis experienced were also shared by numerous owners as the box was passed down by being sold and resold as the owners sought to distance themselves from its demonic possession. The box was later donated to Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans, where it currently holds residence in a museum. Do you believe an object can be cursed or possessed by evil spirits? Have you experienced bad luck because of an object you own? Share your story and thoughts on the subject!

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