Can We Find Healing Through Magnetic Therapy?

One of the more controversial methods of healing used by some Naturopaths is that of implementing magnets in the practice of holistic healing. Magnetic therapy is a holistic approach used to benefit the body through natural means by enhancing the body’s natural energy fields. This holistic approach is thought to stimulate the metabolism and increase circulation, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells. This natural therapy is used to relieve stress, depression, headaches and pain and slow diseases such as cancer and infections, while accelerating and promoting healing. This method dates back 4,000 years and was first practiced by the ancient Egyptians, as well as healers found in India, Greece and China. Through these practices, magnetic stones (Lodestone) were used to influence energetically charged points in your body, (as those found through the practice of modern day acupuncture) and their associated channels (meridians). This was done to balance the body’s subtle energies. Ancient healers used this holistic remedy to assist the body’s natural ability to balance and self-heal. Western doctors are a little slower in using these holistic practices, but some have come to realize how this alternative therapy can assist the body to achieve a state of balance (homeostasis) and holistic health. There is some speculation as to a physicians motive for selling expensive magnets to promote this holistic approach, when you can find the magnetic energy needed by aligning with the celestial bodies, the most important being the Earth, Moon and Sun. Some believe that you can create the same harmonious balance by taking advantage of natural at-home remedies, which span anywhere from aligning your bed so it faces North to burying your feet in your backyard to help align with the Earths magnetic core. The use of magnets to treat patients has spread drastically in recent years as it has shown to reduce pain, promote post-operative healing, and reduce recovery time, while increasing endurance, among athletes. One of the reasons I chose this topic today is because I know that the magnetic impulses found in the ocean has an affect on our mental, physical and spiritual well-being, I just needed to know why. Why do we go to the ocean to relieve stress, increase well-being, and find peace? Some physicians believe that the oxygen ions produced through the water molecules in the misty ocean air, has actually been found to reduce stress by calming your brain, and staring at the ocean has shown to change our brain waves' frequency and put us into a mild meditative state. Likewise, the act of listening to crashing waves helps us find a rhythmic balance in our breathing as we mimic the motion of the waves. The salty air also increases oxygen to our brains and alleviate the depression of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), while the blue color of the ocean is said to stimulate a sense of calm in us. The very act of living in close proximity to water has shown to increase our over all well-being, perhaps because our bodies are comprised mostly of water, or because as a fetus we lived in water, so we feel at home there? Whatever the case may be, connecting with nature and the Earth's elements is one of the simplest ways to increase mental and physical wellness.

What do you think of the body's ability to heal through magnetic therapy? Do you believe in the benefits of holistic healing or find it to be a lot of hokey pokey? Share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the comments below 👇

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