Crazy Neighbor Stories!

Happy Hump Day everyone! Today I want to talk about some crazy encounters we've had with our neighbors. I came home last night and as soon as I got out of my car I heard a loud noise that sounded like a gun shot. There were random people hanging out in the parking lot, so I quickly went upstairs to my apartment. As soon as I shut the door behind me, I heard the noise again followed by a flash. I'm pretty used to such things, having lived the apartment life for some time now. I've also been pretty lucky with places I've lived, as I've only had to deal with noisy neighbors once in awhile and cops making an appearance only on occasion. I've also never really gotten to know my neighbors very well, if at all. The last apartment I lived at in East Olympia had its own share of noise, which was rectified by a 24 hour surveillance that was put into place after several of my surrounding neighbors made the same noise complaints. It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one bothered by the awful pounding base, and there's a certain amount of comfort that comes from the mutual misery shared by your housemates. I've only had to call the cops on my neighbors once so far and hopefully that will be the only time, as the culprits seem to be packing up their things for a speedy move 🤞 As far as crazy stories, I haven't had any where I thought my life was in danger; however, I have wondered more than once, whether one of my neighbors was being murdered. There was one occasion that was kinda strange... It happened when I was living in my apartment in East Olympia. I came home one day and as I was entering my apartment there was a man sitting in my living room. Apparently he thought that my apartment was his. He was sitting in my roommates special chair and you'd think he would realize that nothing in the apartment belonged to him. I'm guessing he was on something 😳 At my current apartment there's a guy who hangs out under the car port all the time and every time I come out of my apartment he says something to me. Well, one day I was sneaking my pig back into my apartment after keeping her at a friends house while I was on vacation, and this guy asked me what sort of animal I had. When I told him I had a pig he got really excited and wanted to see it. I laughed and told him that she was taking a nap and shouldn't be disturbed. Now, every time I see him he asks how my pig is doing Lol Do you have crazy neighbors? Share your story in the comments below!

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