Crazy, Stupid, Drunk Stories!

Happy Friday everyone! Let's start the weekend off right by drinking before noon 😜 Unless you actually have to go into the office, then I wouldn't recommend it! With the weekend in mind I wanted to talk about some crazy drunk stories we may have hidden in the cobwebs of our slowly aging minds. Okay, let's go! When I think of my crazy, stupid, drunk story, an image of Fahrenheit 451 instantly comes to mind. It was a beautiful night in the city of Boston Massachusetts, and I was sitting on a park bench just a short distance from the train station. My dad had come to visit that weekend and after driving around the serpentine streets of New England countryside, he had a plane to catch and steadily drove off. I contacted my friend who lived in the suburban area of the city and he agreed to meet me at the Scholars Lounge for drinks. I drank 3 Gin and Tonics in less than an hour and with no water or food and a lack of sleep I quickly spiraled downhill. I remember walking through the streets of his neighborhood, not sure how we got there, but I do remember him trying to make a move on me before I passed out. After he assessed my condition, he helped me walk to his place where I instantly fell asleep. I woke up to a copy of Fahrenheit 451 on the night stand and started reading it, despite my hangover. There was another time when I had just turned 21 and decided it would be a good idea to start the night with a Long Island Ice Tea... big mistake! My friend had to put her arm around me to keep me upright and I remember pointing out every cop I saw that night, in a voice that could be heard from across the street, as only drunken voices can.

My friend and I finished off the night by singing Brittany Spears' song Toxic at a gay bar. The one and only time I would do karaoke! Do you have any Crazy, Stupid, Drunk Stories? Share in the comments below!

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