Crushing Goals!

Good morning everyone and happy Monday! Today I wanted to talk about accomplishing our goals, and share with you an exciting milestone I was able to reach despite the current disruptions going on in the world. At the beginning of the year I had a plan. I had just been hired on with the State, a goal I had been working towards for years as I tried to escape the spattering of customer service jobs that pay little and offer zero benefits. I had a budget plan in place to help pay off my student loan debt and with my increase in pay I was able to save more money and have more luxuries in life. A few months later the world began crumbling, I lost my job and my goals were put to a drastic halt. I felt helpless and like giving up. Then I reached a breakthrough. Rather than focusing on the things outside my control, I shifted my focus to something that brought me a sense of peace and purpose. I began writing again, pouring my heart into something I loved. A few months later I had published my second novel 😊

I had reached my goal without even realizing it! The ironic thing is that I wouldn't have been able to reach my goal without the virus putting the world on pause for a little while. What are some goals you set for yourself? Have you made a breakthrough or reached a milestone lately that you would like to share? Are you still working toward a specific goal? How has the virus affected you reaching your goals? Please share your story!

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