Do Your Core Beliefs Keep You from Experiencing Happiness and Success in Your Life?

Updated: Apr 8

Today I want to talk about Mindset. We all have an inner blueprint that is run by our core beliefs. It's that voice inside us that tells us what we can or can't do, what we deserve, how we should be treated, our self-worth, what we expect... If we EXPECT to be treated badly, if we EXPECT to fail, if we EXPECT to only reach a certain point in life, our inner dialogue will make certain that we get what we expect. If your core belief tells you that you're not good enough, you will make sure that it stays that way. People who live this way often live a self-destructive lifestyle where, when something wonderful comes into their life, they will self-sabotage by telling themselves that they are not good enough for it. If we continue to live this way and tell ourselves that we are not good enough, or we feel shame or guilt in our lives, we will most likely gravitate toward groups and people that support this narrative. In my life I continue to tell myself that I'm behind everyone else, that I'm not smart enough to navigate life by other peoples standards, that I'm too tired to compete, that I can't compete with other women, etc... This mindset has made it difficult for me to have successful relationships, to have a successful career, and create more happiness in my life. We can change our life's blueprint, our inner-dialogue and self-destructive behavior by taking the word "can't" out of our vocabulary and every time we find ourselves talking bad about ourselves or apologizing unnecessarily we can pivot toward something positive. Instead of telling ourselves that we are lazy or fat, we can pivot into a mindset that tells us we are capable. That we have the ability to exercise and/or learn a new exercise routine by taking a class with other positive people. Instead of telling ourselves that we are stupid, we can pivot toward a mindset that tells us what we are good at and that we have the ability to learn a new skill by taking a class or surrounding ourselves by other people who want to learn. We can promote an attitude of gratefulness and growth within ourselves. "We can be grateful for where we are, while also longing for something bigger." How have you struggled with self-destructive behaviors/mindset? What core belief has held you back from experiencing happiness and success in your life? Share your story in the comments below!

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