Emotional Intelligence and Dreams

I wanted to expand on yesterdays topic of dreams and also talk about our emotional intelligence. Like dreams, emotional intelligence pulls from our individual memories and experiences, and through this personalized wealth of knowledge our dreams and emotions tell us something about who we are in our inner being. As humans, we have the capacity to recognize emotions in others, understand, and empathize with others. Through our subconscious, we are constantly pulling from our experiences and memories, and this knowledge we carry with us, allows us to look at an object, or situation, and feel great emotion. In this way, our intellect and emotions fuse together to create our Emotional Intelligence. This also explains why one person can look at an object and feel sadness, while another individual can look at the same object and feel great joy. Our reaction depends on our individual memory and experience in how we perceive that object. "Hence, a table may activate sadness in a person who lived in a family where there was no communication, attention and affection in their exchanges. Whereas, for another person, the table may represent a warm, welcoming place of wonderful sharing and unity within the family." www.ucm.center.com This explains the variety of associations and reactions a group of people may have on encountering the very same object. With emotional intelligence also comes an ability to understand how others feel in a given situation, this is referred to as benevolent discernment, and allows us to take action, knowing the strengths and weakness of the people in a situation. I thought it would be a fun activity to invite everyone to take an Emotional Intelligence test by following the link below. Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject and your test results in the comments section!


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