Favorite Christmas Traditions!

It's almost Christmas and in preparation, I wanted to ask all of you about your favorite Christmas Traditions! When I was a kid I would host private meetings with my siblings, where we would go over our plan to find our presents on Christmas morning. This consisted of, sketching out a map of the house and the target in mind, what we would do if we crossed paths with Santa and what time we would sneak out on our quest to find the "loot!" We would discuss why the handwritten letter left by Santa looked an awful lot like our dads handwriting, and after a few years we decided to make our parents' favorite cookies to leave for "Santa." We would wait until our parents went to bed and sneak out as soon as it was safe to do so. We got in trouble a lot, because my poor parents barely got to bed before we snuck out and busted out our stockings and started looking at everything, waking them up in the process. I don't know how they put up with us, but I mostly remember how magical Christmas was for us. In preparation for Christmas, we would play Burl Ives, Michael Card and Randy Travis Christmas music, while baking cookies and I distinctly remember the smell of bacon cooking in the morning and the fire burning in the woodstove. Sometimes we would even get snow! The traditions have changed over the years, of course, but I still join my family on Christmas morning and have a big dinner at my brothers' house as we have a white elephant gift exchange and play games. What are your favorite Christmas memories and what do you love the most about Christmas? Do you get nostalgia from the smells, sounds or the sight of Christmas lights? Is there a tradition that you typically do, but are unable to do this year? Share your stories in the comments below 🎅

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