Favorite Coffee Drink ☕

Today's post is going to be short and sweet! Coffee is like alcohol, everyone has their own specific type of drink that they take very seriously. Whether it's a specific type of bean, flavor, hot/cold, whole milk/ skim milk, decaf or extra caffeine... the possibilities are endless and that's what makes coffee the perfect way to start your day! We should look at each day as a cup of coffee with endless possibilities 🤗 My coffee preferences vary depending on my mood. I like to try out different cafes in town, sometimes its all about the atmosphere, but my go-to cup of coffee is actually at Starbucks. I don't usually care for Starbucks coffee but I love a drink they have called the Undertow. I initially found it on their secret menu and since I've been ordering it all over town, pretty much all of the baristas know how to make it by now :) It's basically a condensed vanilla latte comprised of two shots of espresso, one pump of vanilla and topped with creamy foam. It's a tiny drink that you can shoot back to get a quick and easy jolt of energy for less than three dollars. What's your go-to coffee drink? Share in the comments below!

What does your favorite coffee drink say about you? Check out the link below!


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