Find Your Sweet Spot 😎

Good morning everyone! Let's get right to it. I wanted to talk today about doing what you love in life. Don't allow life to pin you into a corner and keep you there. You need to find that passion in your life, that thing you love, and find a way to make a living doing it. As Ken Coleman would say, "life's too short to live for the weekend." We owe it to ourselves to find out what we were born to do and how to make it happen. I'm going to borrow from Ken Coleman again, because he's brilliant and I think we all need to hear this. Our Sweet Spot is when we combine our talents and skills with our passion. You were created to fill a unique role and you owe it to yourself to find a way to establish yourself in that role. Now is the perfect time, since the world is on hold at-the-moment, to dig deeper into what you want in life, what gives you passion, and how to achieve that in your life. I met someone yesterday that gave me the boost I needed to feel motivated about life again. I was going through the motions, feeling kind of down about my life, and this woman at my work came in and started up a conversation with me. It's so rare now to have anyone show an interest in your life and this woman saw potential in me, saw that I had something to contribute to the world and that I was struggling to find my way. She offered to help connect me with local people who can make a difference in my life and help me find my Sweet Spot. Not only did this woman help me to see the potential in myself, but she was brimming with positive energy and excitement for life. She did just go skydiving for the first time, so that adrenaline rush may have played a role, but just seeing someone excited and positive, especially now, really picked me up off the ground and shook me. Tell me about a time when someone positively influenced you, when someone took a chance on you, and how that made an impact on your life.. Tell me about your Sweet Spot, that unique role that merges your talent/skill with your passion. Are you living your passion, living your dream job, or are you working towards it in some way? Let's talk about it! Comment below 👇

If you're unsure of what your Sweet Spot is, I would recommend checking out Ken Coleman's website and listening to the Ken Coleman show. He has some great resources on his site and great advice and positive energy on his show!

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