During this time of Covid, protesting, riots, poor economy and overall uncertainty, it is easy to feel the weight of added stress that spans anywhere from isolation and loneliness to unemployment and in some cases a loss of identity. We could talk about these stresses and the impact they have on our lives all day long, but what I want to focus on today are those that love us unconditionally: our pets! Personally, I don't know what I would do without my little piggie Pincus who never fails to entertain and pepper me with love. One of the things I love to do is let her roam free once a day to run circles around my living room, her toothpick legs moving at lightning speeds while she squeaks and forages for whatever crumbs may have been dropped. There are those little pet peeves that she does of course, like clawing at my bedroom door and chewing a hole in the carpet...(goodbye deposit :() But I love her all-the-same and reward her by giving her cold baths when the heat rises in my second floor apartment, and treat her with green bell peppers, her personal favorite! What do you love the most about your pet? What things annoy you and what are some of the ways you bond with them / reward them? Please share stories and pictures of your fur babies in comments below :)

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