Give the Gift of Massage!

The month of December is the perfect month to give someone a gift from which they will truly benefit! The benefits of massage go beyond that of just relaxation, but also help by increasing blood circulation, increasing tissue elasticity and range of motion, improving muscle tone, stimulating the skin, removing toxins from the body and can even enhance weight loss by ridding excess fat/adipose tissue located under the skin. This week I was able to learn and practice the art of Petrissage, a technique where you apply pressure to underlying muscles through rhythmic movements while compressing the soft tissue by picking up and squeezing the skin before releasing it. It sounds strange but the benefits are undeniable! When petrissage massage is performed it stimulates the skin surface and encourages a vascular and lymphatic response, while increasing blood flow to the muscles and soft tissues. I wanted to share 3 TIPS to fully enjoy your massage and reap the benefits🤗 1) Drink plenty of water after the massage. By drinking plenty of water, the toxins that were just worked out of your muscles into circulation are removed from your body through urination. Drinking plenty of water also helps prevent soreness the next day. 2)Communicate to your massage therapist what you want. I've learned this lesson the hard way. In the past, I never communicated the sensitive areas on my body or the pressure I wanted, and as a result I had a very uncomfortable and painful experience. If you are sensitive and need a lighter pressure you need to let your massage therapist know. Everyone is different and while someone may want a deep tissue massage, the next person may be looking to simply relax and destress. Your massage therapist needs to know how to adjust to your needs. 3)Wear loose clothing and be in the moment. It's important to free your mind from all the stress, worry, and to-do lists while getting your massage. When you are receiving your massage, it helps to enter a meditative state where you can let all the excess thoughts go and truly immerse yourself in the moment. Most massages are done without clothes, or while wearing undergarments, with a sheet placed over your body. This allows your massage therapist to practice massage techniques uninhibited. If you have to wear clothing, loose clothing will help ease tension from your body and allow you to fully relax. Thankyou for reading my blog! Please join the conversation by commenting or asking questions 🤩

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