How Do You Manage Stress, Anxiety and Pain?

Good morning 🌺 Today I want to talk about ways to manage the stresses of life. This summer was a rough ride for everyone... but life goes on and we learn to work through things and hopefully come out the other side a stronger version of ourselves. For me personally, it's been a vicious cycle of loneliness, worry and stress. A few months ago I learned that Valerian Root dulls my senses just enough to take away my feelings of stress and sadness. I took it before my flight to Missouri and it worked like a charm. I typically handle stress by exercising and spending time in nature, but with the new job I haven't had the time to exercise at all, so I deal with it by telling myself that it's only temporary and by making a plan for my future that will improve my happiness. I've also learned that I need to do what's best for me and not live my life the way others think I should. This gives me more control over my life and helps curb my anxiety. Another way I deal with stress, anxiety and pain is by getting a massage. Once I start massage school I will be getting free massages on the regular, so I'm pretty excited about that! How do you manage the stress, anxiety and pain in your life? What is the thing in your life that gives you the most anxiety? Share your story in the comments below!

TIPS for reducing stress and anxiety Exercise: just the act of movement and creating blood flow can boost your mood and cognitive function. Spend time in nature: Just spending a few minutes by the water, listening to the birds chirping and wind blowing through the trees makes me feel more alive. Meditate: taking a "time-out" to reflect and collect your thoughts can help put your life into perspective and allow you to make a plan for happiness. Eat Healthy: In our busy lives people rarely sit down to eat a meal. Sitting down to eat a meal allows the brain to process feelings of nourishment, which helps prevent overeating. Have a support system: Having a friend you can talk to about what your struggling with, or having a therapist to seek advice from about life decisions is also a very important part of mental health.

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