How Your Expectations Determine Your Future

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Hello Friends and happy weekend! I want to talk today about the power of expectations and how they can determine our state of mind and how happy, successful and fulfilled we are in life. Do you ever wake up telling yourself how tired you are, how terrible the day is going to be because of this and that thing you have to do? I think everyone here can agree that we've had days like this. Sometimes we just wake up feeling off and don't really have a reason why we feel this way. Sometimes bad days can't be helped, but as humans we can sometimes take a bad day and make it a habit. Most people go through life determining their future outcome and state of being based on negative expectations they have for themselves and based on their external environment. A lot of these negative expectations may stem from a core belief we've had since childhood or a belief that our subconscious has told us about ourselves, that we have determined is fact, and has then become true to us. We may not even realize we're doing it. If we grow up believing we aren't smart, worthy, or have anything to offer the world, chances are we will make that belief a reality.

If we expect bad things to happen, we subconsciously draw bad energy toward us. The law of attraction is a real thing; not in the sense that we can magically summon every good thing in our life, but in the way positivity breeds positivity. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, "what is the value of expecting negative things to happen? Wouldn't my life be better if I changed those negative expectations to something good, positive and something that will add value to my life? This isn't always easy. It's hard to change the way we've always thought about ourselves and the habits we've formed because of those thoughts and feelings. It takes daily reminders and practices to change our habits, thoughts and words, and to invest in our overall well being and happiness. Here is your CHALLENGE for today... Rather than telling yourself I can't change. This is the way I've always been. I'm not smart enough to figure it out. I can't make my life better, etc...

Rather than justifying these negative expectations, replace can't with can by telling yourself I can change, I can figure it out, I can make my life better, I can do all these things because I am worth investing in and I deserve to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled. We need to love and care for ourselves so that we can love and care for others. Happy Weekend Everyone! Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below 👇

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