Inside a Haunted House 👻

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Have you ever been inside a haunted house? It's almost Halloween and only appropriate that we get in touch with our spooky side and investigate the spiritual realm. I recently visited the small town of Port Gamble, which is known for its haunted history.

Founded in 1851, the town of Port Gamble, Washington was home to employees of the Puget Sound Mill Company and by 1870, the town and mill had grown into a well established community with a general store, community center, post office and fire station. The mill continued to function until it shut its doors in November 1995, having gained the title of longest operating mill in the United States. The town was declared a Rural Historic Town and the buildings have since been restored and preserved; but lets talk about the Walter-Ames house. This Victorian style house is situated in the center of the town and was built to stand on a hill so that ships would have a clear view of it as they came into Port. The house was built by Cyrus Walker, the Superintendent of the mill, and was later passed down to his son-in-law Edwin Ames. This house is known for its spooky apparitions and strange phenomena, as people have reported seeing children peering out of the attic window, lights coming on and off, feelings of dread as they walk through the house, being tugged-on as they enter the basement, as well as a foul smell. Because of these paranormal sightings by the people in town, Puget Sound Ghost Hunters (PSGH) joined with members of the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (AGHOST) to investigate. They also reported feelings of dread and sadness as they walked through the house, floral scents as they wandered up the stairs and residual energy of the three children who were seen peering from the attic window by the general store owner. They also reported seeing toys scattered on the attic floor, as though they had just interrupted the children's play. The walker-Ames house has been locked up since the mill closed in 1995, but opens up occasionally to visitors. Have you ever experienced strange phenomena, paranormal activity, or been inside a haunted house? As we near Halloween, you are invited to share your experiences, stories and thoughts on the subject!

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