World Mental Health Day 💕

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I want to bring awareness to World Mental Health Day, which is today October 10th and ask everyone to reach out to a friend who may be struggling, celebrate the things you love about yourself and take a break from judging yourself and others. In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, bombarded by images of perfection and told what perfection is supposed to look like, it's hard to see ourselves as anything but inferior. Although, women's role in society have been directed more toward empowerment, leadership and influence, there are still many views about women that haven't changed. Women are still objectified in society and with social media, the pressure for perfection has reached a new high, one that no one can keep up with and one that will leave us feeling worse about ourselves and lonelier than ever. It's not just women who are struggling with feelings of imperfection, but men as well. Society, and social media especially, has given us an image of perfection that is impossible to live up to, but the important thing to remember is that you are not alone! People everywhere are struggling with the same feelings of inferiority, depression, anxiety, and declined mental health. We need to recognize the signs and help others who are struggling. We, as human beings, are imperfect and the air brushed, chiseled, and unattainable images of happiness and success are a fabrication that comes from a group of people who can't even achieve these things themselves. I don't usually pay attention to things celebrities say, but there are those celebrities who are doing great things in the world. I've followed Selena Gomez's journey because I've struggled with a lot of the same issues with my health, loving myself and being OK with who I am, amidst the throngs of beautiful women who seem to be living the perfect life. Selena Gomez has spoken out about the importance of mental health, and accepting yourself and your unique and beautiful individuality: "I want everyone to find the power in what makes them rare. We all need to embrace our uniqueness, stop comparing ourselves to others, and love ourselves more, especially right now."

-Selena Gomez So, take time today to love yourself, to celebrate your uniqueness and share that love with others. What's that thing that sets you apart from others? What unique quality do you love about yourself? Share your story and your unique and rare qualities in the comments below! Share with your friends and help bring awareness to World Mental Health Day!

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