Massage School Week 10! Lymph, Trigger points and Birthday Surprises 🤗

This Week flew by so fast, with a lot of fun moments and feelings of accomplishment! Every day in class is different than the last and has something special attached to it. We had a new instructor who came down from Body Mechanics other campus in Vancouver. He was an interesting character with a long ponytail cascading down his back. Every instructor we have brings a different kind of energy to the classroom and this gentleman was no different. The one thing I really enjoyed about him was the way he encouraged us to ask questions! He loved every question we asked and was very good at explaining the properties of lymph massage in a way that made sense. Another thing that made him a little different from the other instructors was how he kept taking his mask off during lecture. It just showed how comfortable he was with us and how he didn't shy away from being himself. I have to say, that I was looking forward to learning Lymph massage but I don't feel like I did a very good job when it came down to practical application. My partner was very gentle, despite his muscular exterior, and did an excellent job at applying the soft touch necessary for Lymph massage. I was kind of the opposite and felt like a fish out-of-water in applying the very soft rocky motion. I think it will get easier with practice... The other modality we learned was trigger point therapy which was also a challenge but in a very different way. We had to locate the trigger point and distinguish it from pressure points and knots, which wasn't easy and required a lot of feedback from our partner. It also changes from person to person. One of my favorite parts about practicing massage is getting to know my classmates better. We are a really close bunch, but being partnered together changes the dynamic and allows us to get to know each other on a deeper level. Along with these special moments I have a couple successes to share with you! I received 100% on my exams this week and received a lot of love from my classmates on my birthday 🥳 Along with the flood of text messages/birthday wishes and treats my classmates brought into class, my family took me out for a nice dinner at Anthony's! I never felt so special and grateful that I was able to spend my birthday with the people I care about and at a time in my life where I'm the happiest I've ever been. I'm excited for what the future holds as I head toward new possibilities and exciting opportunities🥰

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