Massage School Week 11!

This week was interesting... I could feel the heaviness in myself and my classmates as the stress from life and school reared its ugly head. Everyone seems to be going through something this past week and with the added homework, lets just say that we all could use a good 3 hour massage! Everyday I woke up feeling tired and thought about skipping class, but every day I left class with a smile on face and hope in my heart. Our instructor from Vancouver was with us two days this week and lets just say that the entire class wants to adopt him 🤗 The first day learning Myofascial Release was great because we talked about energy and how, as a massage therapist, you know what kind of client you're dealing with just by putting your hands on them. It goes with the whole process of grounding yourself before you begin the massage and focusing in on your intention. Our Injury Specialist Instructor described this process as having a cord going from your feet down into the earth as a way to ground yourself while saying the massage therapist prayer before you begin the session. Our Instructor this week describes it in a similar way as you place your hand on the clients back and ask your client to take three deep breathes with you so you can sync your breathing and clarify your intention for the session. Along with this, is the idea that 'your intention drives your technique;' so based on your clients needs and what they're having issues with, their body will tell you what needs to be done and will guide you through the process. Along with feeling the energy of your client, we also talked about how people carry stress in their shoulders and will often times carry themselves in a fetal way, as their shoulders are drawn forward and their head downward as gravity pulls everything toward the earth. This is why it's so important to strengthen your posterior back muscles, so you have strength in your back to hold your spine straight. With that I'm excited to say that I just got a posture corrector that's supposed to help with these issues. Another really cool thing that happened this week was actually practicing the Myofascial Release Technique on each other. During the demo, our Instructor showed us some ways to break up the fascia by creating a Thixotropic effect, which then allowed him to torque the body in such a way that gave an amazing lower back stretch! Watching him work was like watching a dance. It was incredibly fluid and relaxing that about half the class nearly fell asleep. With everything that's happened this week and how tired everyone was, the excitement of learning new techniques and the incredible focus and teaching style of our Instructor helped all of us pull through. What exciting thing happened for you this week and how did it make you feel? Share your story!

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