Massage School week 12: Moon water, Sunshine and spending time with family and friends

This is coming out a couple days late... but it's been a busy week/weekend! I wanted to share with you some of the exciting things we learned in class this week and some of the successes I've experienced along the way! This week in class has been kind of a blur... but a couple things really stood out. The first thing was my introduction to Hydrotherapy and cryotherapy. Basically we all took turns plunging our feet/hands into ice cold water until our lips turned blue and then switched it out with hot water. We repeated this cycle 3 times and when we were all done our feet and hands were bright red and numb.. it was an amazing bonding experience for the entire class, even though a lot of us cried from the pain. It is addicting as our teacher told us and something I may do tonight after work just to torture myself 🤪 Another cool thing we did this week was make Moon water 🌙 I'd never done this before in my life... never even heard of Moon water until some of my lovely classmates introduced me to it. I won't go into a lot of detail about it here, but will leave an article with further information for those of you with an interest in the topic. My initial reaction to it was one of interest and curiosity, especially because I'm fascinated about how connected we are to the ocean tide and the cycles of the moon 🌙 its customary to leave an intention(kind of like a prayer or wish under your jar of moon water and my intention was "To create an abundant life where I belong, am accepted, have success, prosperity, friendship, love, gratitude and peace." I also left a couple lotto tickets underneath just for fun and actually won $5 so not a total bust 😉 If you want to learn more about Moon water and what it's used for you can check out this article and feel free to share you intention in the comments below!

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