Massage School Week 16❤You Are Loved

Happy Weekend Everyone! I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about this week...

This week my class and I reached a turning point and I had a bit of an epiphany as we reach the four month mark! The past month I had been feeling doubt, fear, and apprehension, among other things... I started asking myself, 'what business do I have going back to school,' 'what am I doing,' am I making the same mistakes as I did in my 20's, 'should I just settle for the safety and security of a State job.' These were the thoughts running through my head at lightening speed every day and night. I couldn't sleep and my motivation plummeted. But this week I found some new inspiration! One of my instructors, and the owner of the school, shared that she would be running the Boston Marathon in October. As a runner myself I found this incredibly inspiring. When I was in college, making my 20's mistakes, I was just a short distance away when the bombing of the Boston Marathon happened. The fact that I am now going to school where the Owner is running the Boston Marathon some 10 years later really shook me and I took it as a sign for my second chance at life. With the failures of my past and the tragedy of the Boston Marathon 10 years ago I will now live vicariously through this woman as she runs the same marathon and succeeds! As a runner myself I know that once you hit that wall and think you can't go any farther, that's when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is not only a great mindset for runners but of life in general. Something we can all benefit from in this current time in our lives and history. Another cool thing that happened this week was a switch from Swedish massage and Hydrotherapy to sports massage and injury treatment! I feel like this is an area where I really shine and get the most satisfaction because it combines my two favorite things: exercise and massage! We worked on pre-event massage(which takes place before a big event like a marathon and helps stimulate an athlete and gets them ramped up for the run) and post-event (which focuses more on recovery and relaxation after the big run). Both of these modalities work at a faster pace than your typical Swedish/relaxation massage. They help stimulate, energize and rejuvenate the athlete/client and is great cardio for the Massage Therapist as well! Lastly, another great thing that happened this week was when another one of our instructors and one of my favorites 🥰 told us how she went on a walk over the weekend to talk to the trees and found a painted rock hidden in a tree trunk. When she flipped it over the words, You Are Loved, were painted onto its rustic surface. She went on to say that she loves all of us and would miss us when we graduate. She reminded us, as she does every day, to write, write, write in our journals! When we graduate we will see a big change in who we were at the beginning of classes to who we will become after the 10 months is over 💗 What insights, thoughts, worries, fears, inspiration... have you had this week? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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