Massage school Week 17

Good Morning Everyone :) This weeks blog is going to be somewhat short... since I was only able to attend 2 days of classes. We switched gears this week and talked about injury treatment and what to expect for the next couple weeks. We will be working on shoulder injuries and treatment where(now that we know the muscles in that area)we can learn what to do when things go wrong and when our clients are in pain. Among some of what we discussed was the different therapies performed during these treatments and one that really stood out to me was the Mirror Box Therapy. My Teacher actually used Mirror Box Therapy when she lost her finger in a Tough Mudder Fun Run 😬 This type of Therapy is common among amputees, especially those who have lost limbs in combat, and it is used to treat pain from Phantom Limb syndrome; where a person feels pain in the limb even after amputation. The process starts by using a mirror to create a reflective illusion of an affected limb in order to trick the brain into thinking movement has occurred without pain or create positive feedback of correct movement. In this therapy the patient is seeing the movement of their undamaged limb and trying to connect the movement to the damaged one. About 50-85% of patients develop phantom limb pain after amputation, and mirror box therapy is just one of the Therapies that, although not always fixing the problem, is an instrumental remedy for reducing pain among patients. Have you ever experienced this type of Therapy? What's the strangest type of Therapy you've used to relieve pain? share your story in the comments below!

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