Massage School Week 19

Happy Weekend Everyone! This week has been very fun and exciting!!! We started a Psychology of the Body class and I couldn't be more interested. I took notes the entire class and loved every minute of it. I loved the open communication between all of my classmates, and the stories and vulnerability they had to share. During class we talked about the Four Frequencies of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Beta is the part of the mind where we do our best thinking. It is the "worker bee" frequency where we use reason and logic to take care of business and make decisions important for daily living. The Alpha part of the mind is where we go to create, meditate, pray and problem solve. We often reach this stage when we go hiking, walking, meditate and spend time in nature. We also reach this stage when we receive a massage and even by giving a massage. The Theta frequency happens when we reach a deeper level of relaxation than that of Alpha. It happens when we are riding the line between waking and sleeping, you are still awake but groggy. This is where we dream, engage in Lucid dreaming and can even learn to control our dreams. This is a great place to problem solve, where we contemplate and try to find answers to the bigger questions and problems in our life, and where the term "sleep on it," comes from. This is a place where we can go to find deep and profound healing. It's that place where we trap a lot of hurt and trauma and where we can go, often times through meditation, to confront and 'let go' of that trauma. It's that place in our mind where we can go to reach a higher state of consciousness, learning and growth. Finally, the Delta Frequency is that place of deep, restorative sleep.

Through meditation we can learn to access two worlds: our inner and outer worlds, our Beta mind(outer world) that tells us where we are at the moment and our Alpha/Theta(inner world) that takes us to a place where we can access our heart path and find meaning and growth in our existence. When we hold onto trauma it can often show up in our daily lives and in our body through tension, repression, suppression, denial and resistance. Tension is trauma trapped in our bodies, waiting to be released. It can come from stress in our daily lives or something that's happened in our past that we haven't confronted or healed from yet. Repression is an unconscious prevention of a feeling or emotion; our minds are unaware of it, but our bodies hold onto it. Suppression is when our Beta mind is aware, but we downplay the feeling by stuffing it deep inside us. Denial is when we deny the truth of the trauma by going into another reality. Resistance is when we are aware that there's something inside us that needs to be dealt with, but we still put up a wall that prevents us from healing. This is just a quick overview of some of the things we talked about this week. I'm also very excited about the massage practice I've been doing, and that I'm remaining focused despite not feeling well this week. Feel free to leave your comments and share your stories below 💜

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