Massage School Week 24

Good Morning Everyone :) I want to update you on my journey and share some exciting breakthroughs that happened this week! I had a really successful clinic on Monday where I was able to use my shoulder treatment technique on my client and give her some advice on exercise she can do at home to help with her issues. She was a very fun client to work on, very talkative and happy to let me try new things on her! Unlike the previous clinics, where I left feeling a little depressed and let down, I felt really good after this last clinic and more confident. We had our last upper body treatment class this week as well where we worked the back of the neck and suboccipitals, which feels amazing if you've ever had it done!

I love my injury treatment classes because the attention and positive vibes Shari(the owner of Body Mechanics) gives us is really inspiring! My partner that day was super excited to work on me and said that I need some major work done to solve my issues... Apparently my fascia is so tight that she was unable to do deeper work without causing a lot of pain. One of the super exciting things that happened this week was that I was able to give my partner deep pressure without hurting myself. She gave me some incredible feedback and said she could feel every muscle I was palpating. This gave me a huge sense of relief and accomplishment as I'd been trying to get in deep enough for the past 5 months! I let my partner work on me the next day to do some Myofascial Release and try to fix my winged scapula and other issues. It was a great massage but I still need a lot of work done to reverse my past mistakes. On another note... this week has been amazing as far as the support I've received 🥰 My mom came into clinic to receive a massage and my friend Amanda as well :) It's so cool to finally be able to share my experiences with those I love and care about 💕 Sometimes I feel like I live on an island trying to figure things out alone and trying to find a life raft to keep me afloat, so the love and support has been Amazing! I also received a special gift at work that really touched me and made me feel appreciated and loved... I hope everyone has had an Amazing week and is able to enjoy the Fall weather 🎃🍂 What is everyone doing for Halloween? Share your thoughts, insights and Fall plans in the comments below 👇

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