Massage School Week 25

Happy Halloween Everyone 👻 I hope you all are having a great Fall so far! It's been quite a blur, but I wanted to keep you updated on new things that happened this week, both good and bad. I have to say that this week started out really well with Clinic on Monday, where I was told by my Instructor that I was doing a great job on my charting and she also mentioned that my entire classes performance is exceeding her expectations. I also worked on a client that day who I was pretty nervous about... but he actually ended up giving me some great feedback and tips on my evaluation. I also picked up my new bike last Sunday and was able to take it out for a ride once the rain let up. Another cool thing I did was get some Acupuncture done, which is something I've been wanting to try for some time and I think its actually helping! Aside from these events that took place this week has been pretty emotional... I went up to Seattle Wednesday night to visit my Grandpa, who had a stroke that left him unresponsive. One of the things that makes me really sad is the fact that I had received a letter from him some weeks past where he told me how proud he was of me for going to massage school and following my passion in life. I was going to call him to tell him how much I appreciated his support, but before I was able to say Thankyou he had passed away. Grandpa was always good about reaching out to everyone in the family, no matter how big the family got, he was always checking in... and couldn't say enough good things about his family 💕 I regret not telling him how much I appreciated his good intentions and support and I regret being "too busy" to reach out when he might have needed me. My Grandpa is now the third Grandparent I've said goodbye to these past years. One good thing that came out of this was the fact that I was able to see him before he passed away and that I was able to spend some quality time with my brothers and sister-in-law. While we were waiting to see my Grandpa(because only two of us could see him at one time) we sat in the waiting area and listened to old voicemails that he had left on our phones just days before. While we were waiting, we also ran into my Grandpa's brother and got to visit with him and reminiscence for some time. I just wanted to share this with all of you and if you were thinking about reaching out to someone you haven't seen in a while, or have been wanting to say something to, don't wait.... Life is short and needs to be lived today 🙏 Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween 💜🎃💜

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