Massage School Week 26

Good Morning and Happy Weekend!

It's getting closer and closer to the Holidays and closer to Graduation from Massage School! The other day I was thinking about how long it took me to get to this place... I thought about going to massage school for about two years before I finally took the plunge! I enrolled in the night class, but pulled out last minute... I thought about doing the evening class, all-the-while coming up with excuses of why I would fail. I used Covid as an excuse not to do it, I used Money as an excuse, told myself I wasn't strong enough or smart enough... That I would be repeating the same mistakes I had made in the past. I had no business going to school again. Six Months after finally enrolling in Massage School, I am so glad I stuck with it! This week made me realize that I am smart enough and capable enough to make things happen for me, to make a better life for myself. Even though there are days when I feel like I'm in this alone, I stop and realize that I'm so lucky to have such an awesome support group. My classmates and I are all working towards the same goal and there's no lack of help and support among them 💕 I love waking up and getting ready for class knowing that I'm walking into a place where I'm welcomed and appreciated :) One of the great things I've learned from being in massage school is that we are all broken in some way. We are all suffering, we are all in pain(physically, mentally, emotionally), but we help each other anyway. We take our hurt, whatever it is, and we give back to others; we empathize, love and support each other. This last week was full of small wins! I passed two of my Midterms with flying colors, I received two really good reviews in Clinic and several of my classmates reached out to help me prepare for my exams and to give their condolences for the passing of my Grandpa. 💗❤💗 I was also able to get some help for a new laptop and other school supplies from an Agency in the area. It just goes to show that if you ask for help the Universe will deliver! And I definitely feel like the Universe is giving back to me this year because I believed in myself and I believed good things would happen in my life. What small wins, or big wins, are you celebrating this week? Have you struggled with something this week or overcome something? Share your thoughts and story in the comments below!

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