Massage School Week 28

Good Morning and Happy Friday! This week has been exhausting, but good :) I've felt burnt out, disappointed, accomplished and proud in a number of ways. I've been really focused on my classes these past few months and making sure I get everything done on time and to the best of my ability; so, in that respect, I feel accomplished in my pursuits. I was disappointed that I missed out on the two beautiful days we had because I had to work, but also grateful that I was able to enjoy a tiny sliver of them. I've felt proud that I was able to pass the Midterm in one of my more difficult classes: Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology! I've felt burnt out from exams and projects due every week in class and keeping up with work, but I'm grateful that I have AMAZING coworkers to spend my work day with and that I enjoy my job. Life is a series of pushing and pulling, a dance of "gives" and "takes" and "ups" and "downs." When we are feeling down, it helps to look forward to the brightness that is sure to come. Sometimes it helps to just sit back and enjoy the ride, flowing through life with the tide that takes us down our path, whether we resist or go freely with the water. My boss has been out this entire week, so my coworker and I have been holding down the fort, putting away shipments with new product and getting ready for the craziness of the holidays! I'm excited and fortunate to only have two days of classes this week and extremely thankful that I'm able to take some time for Self care this morning and get a massage myself! I'm looking forward to the sun thats supposed to come this weekend and hopefully get away Sunday. I'm looking forward to having a chill Thanksgiving and hopefully do something different and see a movie or something. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? What are you Thankful for, struggling with, burnt out about, proud of, disappointed in and what is your big accomplishment this week? Share your thoughts, concerns and feelings in the comments below!

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