Massage School Week 3

Happy weekend everyone!

This week I'm settling into a steady pattern of what the rest of the year is going to be like. I'm taking Kinesiology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology classes, along with two days of massage practice. I'm definitely feeling worn out and sore! At the same time I find myself falling in love with this school more and more each day. My classmates are truly amazing people who have a heart for helping others 💖 I love the differences of each individual, who vary in age from 20 to about 55, and from all different backgrounds, life struggles and knowledge that add so much to our time together. I met with a couple classmates outside of class the other day and one of the guys pulls out a cigarette and starts puffing away. He started laughing saying how he fooled the teacher (who stopped smoking years ago) into thinking that he wasn't a smoker. "Jokes on her," he said laughing, and gave me a thumbs up when he spotted the pack of Pall Malls in my car. "I think I'll join you," I said, relieved that I didn't have to hide my occasional smoking habit. Before we knew it, another smoker came up to join us and we began talking about why we're here and what massage means to us. I was blown away with how honest this guy was about his time in the fitness industry and how gyms are all about those monthly/annual memberships that keep cash rolling in rather than focusing on the health and wellness of the individual. He said something that really struck me about how he wants to help people to the point where they won't need him anymore. If they come in with a back problem for instance, he wants to get to the point where he "coaches himself out of a job," and the client will no longer need his help. My partner this past couple weeks has been amazing! Everything we learn in class she says she can't wait to use to help her mom through her pain. Every person in class has someone in their life that they want to help, and that passion and love for helping others radiates through them. With how tired and sore I am today, I wanted to share these stories with you and remind myself of why I'm here and keep the passion alive! Share your insights, thoughts, stories in the comments below 👇

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