Massage School Week 32

I experienced a lot of emotions this week in Class and at Work :) I started off the week with a migraine, which may have actually helped with my hands-on abdominal massage class. Being a person who doesn't like my tummy touched, I think having a migraine actually helped distract me from the awkwardness 🥴 It was actually good for me to get over my abhorrence and fear of my tummy region and my partner was really good about making me feel comfortable during the process. I honestly love my classmates. They are like family to me and I know the next two weeks is going to be kind of lonely without them. On my last day of class we all had a white elephant gift exchange and the day started and ended on an inspiring note! I walked in the door and Shari(the owner of the school)was their and little Jack and our lovely receptionist and I just felt so welcomed and loved by their friendly greetings. I just have to stop and say how amazing our Receptionist Netanya is! She always makes sure our Clinics are fully booked so we don't miss out on opportunities and she always lets me know when there's an opening on Friday Clinic so I can get in for a massage 🥰🙏 It's crazy how you get to know someone after spending 8 months with them, because during our gift exchange I could tell who brought which gift. After class I had to go for a quick run before work and Shari mentioned that I should run the Boston Marathon next year. She said she would help me prepare and even help me raise money for it(since it cost about $8,000 to enter). After I told her the longest distance I had ever run at one time was about 8 miles, she said that's not a problem, I could definitely be ready by April! I am just so incredibly touched how Shari sees the good in people and how she inspires all of us to learn and grow and see what we are capable of. I typically know what I'm capable of and then shoot for just below that. It's not always the best way to live as I miss out on opportunities I might have had if I'd pushed myself a little harder. I've decided to dip my toe in the pool of opportunity and run in the Capital City Marathon in July, then consider Boston the following year! This week will be the perfect time to do some training for that (: Another thing that touched me this week was the kindness of my coworkers 🤗 My lovely coworker Angeley got me some beautiful bath bombs to make my Christmas soooo relaxing! Everyone from my work filled my Christmas stocking with beautiful gifts and treats and I have to say that I'm going to miss them a lot this week a well... It's a rare thing to love where you work and where you go to school so much, and I'm just so blessed and grateful to have both ❤ I'm planning to take full advantage of my week off and do a few days of my internship at Massage Envy, train for the Capital City Marathon and finish my business project while relaxing in the tub with my new bath bomb! I hope everyone has a great week and Christmas 🌲

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