Massage School Week 33

Massage School Week 33

Good Morning everyone! It’s been a few weeks since I posted and I wanted to keep you all in the loop! This past few weeks has been really good as I’ve been catching up on things that had fallen through the cracks during my time in Massage School. I was able to spend my two weeks Christmas break running, taking long bubble baths and spending time with family and friends 🤗 I had a plan during my two weeks off to do my 40 hour internship at a Physical Therapy Office, finish my Business/APP Projects and catch up on my Massage hours. I had to Pivot from my plan unfortunately, as the Therapist I was supposed to intern with went into quarantine and then the snow came... so I was unable to get my massage hours done since everyone was pretty much stuck at home. But that’s ok because I typically have a Plan B in mind; not because I plan to fail exactly… but you never know 🤷‍♀️ Expect the best while planning for the worst...

I spent the majority of my first week researching and coming up with a thorough business plan, which was actually kind of fun to think about all the things I could create while having my own business. I even spent some of Christmas Eve and Christmas working on it… I’m slow as a sloth in most areas of my life, except when I’m walking or running; but that’s ok because I’m also known for finishing everything I start; even if it takes years longer than most people. Point being, I finally finished my Project the day after restarting classes 🥵 The second week of my break I spent working, which was great. I missed seeing everyone and visiting with my coworkers. I missed having a schedule and getting shit done! This week at work was spent doing a lot of deep cleaning, putting shipments away, rescheduling appointments, etc… as the snow fell around us. Most people called out for the week but it was nice having a small group of us holding down the Fort. It was cozy and luckily my car made it in the snow really well! Better than last year… I think because it was a dry snow. I was even able to run out in it while the sunbeams danced around me, like the champagne I drank on New Years Eve! It was a welcome change from running on the treadmill the entire week before. Christmas was really beautiful as I got to spend time with my family, especially my brothers who I don’t see very often 🙁 We drank wine and snuck away from the crowd to smoke cigarettes behind the shed and talk about crazy neighbors and catch up on things. I went to church for the first time since Covid started(at the church I grew up in)and it was strange as I no longer felt a connection to it, but good because the connection was to the people I sat with: my mom, my brothers, my sister, my dad… I enjoyed having time off school, just working and running, but I did miss my classmates. I’m excited to graduate in two months and start working but am also worried about losing my connection to the wonderful people that have crossed my path these past 10 months… But it’s my choice on what my life will be like after I graduate, it’s my choice to stay involved, to reach out and to stay connected… and that’s what I plan to do. My first week back had it’s share of challenges as Clinic went off to a rough start from the beginning. I have had nothing but good Clinic experiences so far and my clients have been really complimentary, helpful and kind; but this week was different. I was immediately met with difficulties, unsatisfied clients and negative/bad energy that ruined my day. I’m stronger than I used to be though and have learned to shrug things off and turn things around for the better. I’m still sensitive, but at least I have skin thick enough to make it through life now without completely falling apart. I have learned this through the countless rejection letters I’ve received regarding jobs that I really wanted, countless breakups and challenges with my health. Everyone has a story that has shaped who they are and most people don’t know the little details. That’s why I try to see the good in people and not react right away. That’s why when I was yelled at by a customer on the phone and then yelled at by a coworker I immediately went to, “everyone is stressed by the world right now, It’s not personal. It’s ok. Let it go and move forward.” How was your Christmas/New Years? Did you do something different this year or something nostalgic? Share your experiences, share your journey, share your feelings about life right now 💞

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