Massage School Week 34

This week has been full of small wins and near-misses… I think the pressure of everything is becoming real and my body is telling me to take a break. One of the problems I deal with is thinking I have more energy than I actually do, and trying to fit everything into one day. I’ve spent the last couple days in bed, with a fever and body aches, recovering from a week of exams and strenuous massage practice. I think it’s been easy to manage my work/school schedule these past 8-9 months because I love both my job and my massage education. I can only hope that this continues on after I graduate, because this is one of the problems we should all have; that is, loving what we do so much that we don’t want to stop. These past few years has been full of a lot of heartache, emotional stress, near misses and supposed failures… but along with the heartache, I’ve had so many treasured memories that will always be a part of me and my journey toward the woman I’ve become. Through this journey I believe massage has saved me. I believe massage has picked me up when I had fallen and has given me a sense of peace In a world where I never felt like I belonged. It took an incomplete version of myself and made me whole… and I could not have chosen a better school than Bodymechanics, or a better group of Instructors and classmates. Every Instructor I’ve had has given 100% passion, love and attention to what they have taught and have shown love and care when one, or many of us, have had an emotional break. I’ve been given many opportunities to expand my horizons and become more than I ever thought I was capable of, because Shari(the owner of Bodymechanics) and the Staff don’t put limitations on themselves or their students. They believe 100% in achieving our dreams in life through positive thinking, mindset and goal setting. This week I had a really good Clinic and finished two Final Exams with passing grades. I worked extra time at the salon and covered for coworkers that were out sick and from snow the week before. I had a great momentum going that I didn’t want to mess with… until I got sick and had to miss one of my other Final exams. I’m trying to get my momentum back… but its been hard because I’ve had really low energy and fatigue these past couple days. I’m grateful to those who have reached out and brought me things while I was sick. You are greatly appreciated 💗 I’m hoping this coming week will go smoothly… as I have to make up two classes, along with my regular schedule. How has your week been? Are you holding up among everything that’s been happening in the news, in life, etc… How do you manage your stress and/or cope? Share your story 🙌

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