Massage School Week 35

Happy Weekend everyone! I swear this week has been the longest week 🥴 How has this year been treating you so far? In my opinion, it’s been pretty rocky...

It seems like everyone I know currently has Covid or is just getting over Covid… both in my class and at work. It feels like herd immunity is finally happening and hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel soon. I don’t want to spend my entire blog talking about Covid, but I was just curious, coming up on the two year anniversary since the first case, how you are feeling about everything that’s passed. Have you had Covid yet and what was your experience? Do you feel relief or dread? Personally, I feel like the mystery of it all is finally over and done with and we can go about our lives without fear of the unknown. Now onto Massage business… I made up two classes this week that were purely practice sessions and basically we had an Instructor come in and show us their own personal massage techniques and why they chose to do that specific modality and what it means to them. It was kind of perfect because I got to experience two opposite sides of the spectrum. Kathleen and Dawn’s methods could not be more different; Kathleen is all about treatment and solving problems in the body; basically people who are experiencing chronic pain come to her at a point where they can’t take it anymore and she goes in with her phantom-strength fingers and makes the pain go away. Kathleen finds purpose in her massage through solving problems in the body; by finding an issue and solving it. If you’ve ever had a massage by Kathleen, you know what I’m talking about. Her massages are not meant to be pleasant or relaxing, but painful and therapeutic. Dawn is the complete opposite. Her massage techniques are so light that anyone, even the most fragile person, can receive it. Her modality is actually meant for people on Hospice, but anyone who likes a lighter touch can receive this type of massage, and I recommend it for anyone dealing with stress and anxiety in their life. I actually had a really amazing experience during my class with Dawn. I started out by working on a classmate, just using the first three levels of pressure, which are all really light. Even though I already give a light touch, it was hard to focus at first with being consistent on pressure. After awhile though it became second nature, and my partner told me I was a natural at it; it was one of the best compliments I ever received from someone I had just met :) We took turns massaging each other and during my massage I heard the guy next to me begin to snore. It was one of the quiet snores, like a bumble bee coming closer to you on a summers day… After class, when he was explaining his experience with the massage and how it felt to him, he said that he barely knew he had drifted off... that he could barely tell if he was awake or asleep, but when he dozed off it felt like when you fall asleep lying in the sun; slowly drifting off and while you sleep you can still feel the warm presence of the sun on your skin. I thought that was the most beautiful way to describe the experience and I have to admit that he was pretty spot-on. I described my experience like a waterfall gently caressing me while I lay in complete peace and serenity. That’s when my partner said I was a natural and that I should learn Lomilomi massage, which is a type of massage that originated in Hawaii and is meant to mimic the waves of the ocean. After hearing that, I got super excited and hope to learn how to do Lomilomi in the future and eventually specialize in it. Anyway… that was my crazy week that started out with a fever(and some lovely friends who brought me medicine) and Kathleen, who has the strength of a lion, and jabbed her finger into my Serratus Anterior, followed by Dawn who showed me the value of grounding myself and reconnecting with my body. I experienced a lot of things this week, from pain, to fatigue, to comfort and love from dear friends, to peace and serenity and pleasure. What did you feel this week? What’s something new you experienced? Something sad, happy or nostalgic? Share your story!

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