Massage School Week 36

Happy Weekend Everyone! This week has been interesting... To be honest I’m not really sure how to feel. I'm trying to deal with some feelings and emotions that keep resurfacing.

Monday Clinic went well :) I had one Client and one Classmate that I worked on, and my evaluations were both really good! It was after Clinic that I started to feel kind of down, just dealing with some pain in my hands, which made me have some trust issues with myself. I Haven’t had pain like that in my hands since the very beginning of school and since I’m so close to graduation I’m just nervous about finding a good place to work and what my future holds for me. I feel like everything is changing in my life and some of these changes scare me and make me feel like my entire identity is shifting as well. Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a scary thing and sometimes lonely and uncertain. I’m trying to wade through these feelings and emotions and stay grounded at the same time. I had another mid-week Clinic as well, where I focused on lower body treatment. I was partnered with a classmate and was basically her assistant and just stayed in the room while she worked on the client, doing a lot of stretching and leg techniques. I basically wrote down and charted the client’s Posture and had a list of the techniques we would be performing on the client, and helped my partner if she got stuck at all. This coming week we are switching roles and I’ll be massaging the client while my classmate assists me 🧐 We haven’t done a lot of these specialized clinics so I tend be a little more nervous, but they always seem to turn out in the long run. I have to say that this week hasn’t been the most exciting, as far as classes go. Aside from Clinics, we had a lecture about Pathologies and one on taxes and book keeping. Pretty dry stuff to be honest… I ended up wandering around during one of my breaks because the weather was so nice and I got lost while I was walking around SPSCC. I was able to do a little self care this week by getting a massage and going for a walk in the sunshine and running quite a bit :) I’m excited for Summer and the warmer weather…

How has your week been? Anything new or exciting happening in your life? Share your thoughts, feelings, exciting news or summer plans in the comments below!

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