Massage School Week 37

Updated: Feb 7

Happy Weekend Everyone! I can’t believe how quick this week went by... There’s been a lot going on, preparing for the next few weeks of Finals and Practical Exams! I was really dreading this week just because of all the things going on… but it actually turned out to be the most memorable. I was up late Tuesday night, making sure all my sheets, blankets and scrubs were washed and ready to go for Clinic the next day. I literally had about an hour before class and between classes and work to get my laundry done for Clinic. Some days are like that… and I feel like this entire week has been spent either in class or work and driving home just long enough to change clothes. It’s hard on weeks like these to find time to run… it’s already the end of the week and I feel the urge to run so bad that it hurts. I’m hoping to catch up this weekend on all the things… from my messy house to my atrophied legs. I had a specialty Clinic this week that focused on lower body treatment and I had the cutest little lady come in. She was probably in her 70’s, walked with a cane, and had a tuft of purple/pink hair on top of her head. Despite her age, she was surprisingly flexible, and I was able to practice most of my stretching techniques without any issues or having to make any special adjustments. I was partnered up with a classmate and started by doing a posture analysis on the client. My classmate charted the depressions and elevations in my clients shoulders, hips and knees, after which we performed a series of stretches on her for about twenty minutes before we started her massage. I’ve found that I enjoy stretching out the client while they’re fully dressed; this helps the client relax before getting undressed and on the table, and I believe it helps them prepare mentally for the massage. I’ve made it a habit to stretch out the clients spine, fascia, and do a series of other stretches, which I feel enhances the clients experience. I'm looking forward to taking a couple weeks off after Graduation... hopefully go somewhere sunny 🏜 With everything moving so fast with this next month of Massage School, I’m trying to take the time to enjoy every moment until the last day… I’m already preparing for the end of this incredible journey and hoping to stay involved in the school by taking CE Courses and going in for Student Clinic long after I graduate. It’s in these moments where the end is coming that I’m taking the time to stop, breathe and enjoy with gratitude the moments I’m in, the experiences I’ve had and the emotional up’s and downs of the past year. I had to stop Tuesday night, as I felt a sense of nervous dread about Clinic the next day. I told myself that I shouldn’t dread it, but enjoy the experience and soak in the moment; whether it turns out to be good or bad, it’s a unique experience that I will miss in the days to come. I’ve found that the most memorable times in life are the times where I’m challenged, the times where I face uncertainty and times where I have to ask for help. These are the times where I see the true value of friendship and the love of family, friends and the gifts I have in my life 💗 I was especially reminded of the value of friends in my life this week. I was able to see a really great friend over the weekend, when I was going through some emotional turmoil. Even though we’re both pretty busy these days, she has been my rock these past couple years as I navigate through some rough patches. I am so grateful for the people in my life who have been there for me when I’ve been sick, needing help, or simply being their to listen without judgement. How has your week been? Do you have any vacation plans coming up? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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