Massage School Week 38

This week has been full of hurdles and small wins! I had my last Clinic on Monday and I have to say that it was the most relaxed Clinic I’ve had so far. It was a great way to end things! Both my reviews were good, all 5 stars and the two ladies I had were fine with relaxation and anything else I wanted to practice. I feel like everyone this week has wanted relaxation, just an hour to let their mind wander and take a breath— or fall asleep 😴

I had an LMP Evaluation/Clinic the following day and was pretty nervous because I woke up with terrible neck pain that made it impossible to turn my head to one side. I walked into school already feeling defeated, but I showed up and hoped for the best! I think it helped that I was just a little delirious from the pain. I was given the file for one of my Instructors, which made me even more nervous… But once I started his massage, it actually was one of the most enjoyable massages I’ve done! Out of all my Instructors, he’s the most soft-spoken and chill and always had nice things to say to me about the importance of relaxation, and not to underestimate the benefits it has for people in today’s society. I ended up giving him a full body relaxation massage, where he managed to fall asleep for awhile. I was pretty relaxed afterwards as well :) I’m just so thankful for the love and support I’ve received from my classmates this week. On the morning of LMP Evaluations, one of my classmates came up to me when I was feeling upset and defeated and gave me amazing words of encouragement and assured me that everyone else was feeling the stress and frustration as well. I’m just so grateful for the amazing people in my life, in class and outside of class, I couldn’t ask for a better support group, who have helped me through the struggles and uncertainties of the past few years. Aside from Clinics going well, I had my Practical Exam the following day as well. I was partnered with a fantastic classmate who is a mix of caring, encouraging and light-heartedness. We were all asked to perform two injury treatments on our partners, name all the muscles involved, therapy goals and active resistance techniques. Shari grabbed her clipboard and walked around the room, asking each of us in turn to perform an injury treatment, which she selected at random. It was less stressful than I anticipated, I think because we all know each other so well and were all going through the same thing together. The past few weeks has been one thing after another, with exams, finals, projects and make-up classes. I’m trying to hold it together and not get too overwhelmed… I also found out that the following week is our Practical Final Exam. I thought it was farther out, but I guess were down to the wire with graduation in a couple weeks so everything is just crammed into these next two weeks. I took the opportunity to schedule a hot stone massage for myself after the exam next week, as a treat for myself! Aside from normal classes I have a CPR Class this weekend, as another requirement to be licensed. I’ve gotten home from work every night so exhausted, because I’m also fitting in some running time this week as a way to cope with the stress. I’ve been wanting to get together with family and friends, because living alone can be lonely sometimes… but I just haven’t had the time to do that either. So I’m tired AND lonely…. Que Sera Sera! How has your week been? Share your thoughts, comments, hopes, dreams in the comments below!

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