Massage School Week 39

This past week was a lot! I had my Final Practical Exam and my Final Comprehensive Exam. It was nice having my coworker/friend come in to be my demo model for the Practical Exam. She was super excited that I asked her to be my model and she couldn’t have been more of a joy to work with! She really helped calm me down and put my mind at ease. The Practical Exam went so fast! I only had an hour to set up my room, do a client intake, Posture Analysis, answer all the questions regarding injury treatment and muscles involved, sanitize, do a massage demonstration and exit interview. It was quick and painless! I got amped up and nervous for nothing and showed up over-prepared, which is always a good thing :) I passed with flying colors, as well as all of my classmates, and afterwards my friend and I left school and got to spend some quality time together, get coffee, go through a crazy-scary car wash, drive around and talk about life 🌺 I ended the week by taking my Comprehensive Written Exam, which was a 200 question Exam that covers all the subjects we’ve gone through while in school; Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology, Injury Treatment, Massage Practices, Ethics, Business, etc. We had four hours to get it done and I got it done in just under two hours; still a long time… Everyone passed the test luckily; but it definitely left me feeling rough! Despite the exhaustion of these two Exams, I think the most exhausting day was spent on Friday doing Employee “speed dating.” Basically we had six tables set up with a different businesses at each table, that ranged from holistic, spa, physical therapy/injury treatment; we would pair up and take turns asking the employers questions about their business, their mission/culture, benefits, and what massage modalities they specialize in. It was honestly a really great experience and a great way to end our time at school while giving us an idea of what places we might consider working after Graduation. Out of all the days in class, this was the most exhausting… turns out socializing is way more exhausting than actually giving a massage! At the end of class we all went outside, the sun came out for us, and had our picture taken! I still haven’t seen the picture but am looking forward to seeing all my classmates dressed up and acting sassy with their shades 😎 It’s been quite a journey, not just for me but for my Teachers as well. One of my Teachers Kathleen shared some of her journal with us and told us how important it is to record these moments in our life that have changed us so much 💕🌈 I can’t believe I only have one week left… I think everything is happening so fast and I’m too tired to get emotional about it yet, but I know I will. I took Friday off work so I could work on my Business Presentation but was so exhausted that I went to get a pedicure instead, where I ended up falling asleep before coming home and taking a nap Lol I spent the weekend actually working on my Business Presentation, which is due today! In-between class and work, I've been getting out and running when I can and even taking my bike out! How was your week/weekend? Share any new ventures you are up to in the comments below 🤗

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