Massage School Week 4

Hello Everyone and Happy Memorial Weekend! I'll just dive right in... This week has been exciting and exhausting! I love my new partner this week; we are definitely on the same wave length as she is also really into fitness, yoga, essential oils and holistic healing. She's such a joy to talk to while we practice on each other and she was super complimentary when I gave her an hour of deep tissue yesterday. She also gave me some good feedback of things to work on, which really helped me give her a better, more beneficial, massage! It was definitely challenging, but a good way to gauge my upper arm strength. I was also given an hour massage after class this week where my classmate introduced me to the world of Fascia Release. It really helped that he is also a personal trainer and familiar with sports injuries. He spent the majority of the time just on my shins and lower legs where, as a runner, he gave me some tips on how to prevent injury in the future. I learned that stretching isn't helping me because the Fascia surrounding my muscles needs to be broken up in order for the muscles to stretch, glide and flex like they're meant to. When Fascia is healthy, it is flexible enough to glide, twist and bend; but inflammation and trauma can tighten the Fascia and cause pain. I learn something new every day that, not only helps me understand myself better, but also teaches me how to give a better massage! I love the relationships I'm forming with my classmates and the support and excitement from learning new things and challenging myself 🤗💕 What is your big Win this week? What new thing/hobby have you learned recently? share your story and thoughts in the comments below!

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