Massage School Week 5

Good morning and happy weekend! I wanted to fill you in on my journey this week 💗🙏 This week has been really emotional for me. Massage school is getting real and a lot of the skeletons in my closet are coming to the surface again and making it hard to focus and get a good nights sleep. But I don't want to focus on the negative... What We Focus on Expands and I want to focus on the good! I had a really great experience yesterday with my partner in class. We had our first practical exam where we had to give a blindfolded massage. I have to say that I actually enjoyed giving a massage blindfolded because it forced me to focus on my partner and be more in-tune with their body and what I was touching. During this process a lot of the weaknesses of my classmates came to light and the things they struggle with as they were forced to be vulnerable. While I was massaging and being massaged my sense of hearing was the most prominent as I listened to my classmates give their partners direction, guidance and feedback on what to do, how to improve and what to focus on. I felt like I was following the same path with all of my classmates as we all were in the same place, with the same purpose, at the same point in time. It was a fun, emotional and awakening experience 🤗 My sense of touch was the second sense that I felt strongly as my partner was in-tune with me while I was massaging her and she was massaging me. Another cool thing I experienced this week was the owner of the school, an amazing woman with a great sense of humor, teaching us correct Body Mechanics to prevent us from getting injured. I enjoy all of the teachers at the school, but Shari is by far my favorite! She is so easy to talk with about anything and everything and she truly cares about our journey through the school and our success! What is something positive that you experienced this week? Share your thoughts and stories☺

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