Massage School Week 8

I feel like every day this week something unique and wonderful has happened. I connected with so many people in real life, which is so much different than connecting with people online. I know in today's world, and especially during this past year, people are all about staying connecting while being apart; but there's something about being in the same room with someone or with them in person that allows your energy to connect in a more complete way than when you talk to someone on zoom or chat. That being said... I wanted to talk about something one of my Instructors shared with us this week. It was the last class she would be teaching us for awhile and she talked about how much we all meant to her. She was walking along one of the local trails contemplating the time she's spent with us and talking to the trees, when she saw a branch shaped like a heart. Later on in her walk she found one of those painted rocks that one of the local Art Groups likes to leave behind for people to find and this rock she found was also shaped like a heart. she told us that that was the feeling she had for us; that she felt Love for us. I was completely blown away by the stillness in the room when she told us this, and how I was impacted by her message to all of us. I could feel hot tears rolling down my cheeks and I felt so blessed 💗 This was the same Instructor who showed me how to fix my chicken wing shoulder blades as I expressed my concerns over my depreciating body, and she gave me some impactful tools to help me and said there's Hope for me yet. She's my favorite person so far, with a combination of grit, tough love and affection. I've never been part of a community that is so supportive and inclusive. Every day I feel inspired, happy and grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with this group of amazing people! There were a couple other things I wanted to share with you all... an accomplishment I had this week and a setback. My proud moment of the week is passing my first Exam with a 98% and my not-so-great moment was almost passing out during our module on Pregnancy massage... 😳 You win some and you lose some; either way you keep moving forward! What was your accomplishment this week, your not-so-great moment, and/or a moment that impacted or touched you? Share your story!

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