Massage School Week 9 Update! The key to Happiness 🔑

This week started off kind of rocky, but today's class totally made up for it! My teacher this past couple weeks is an Injury Treatment Specialist who is a charming mix between Military Sergeant and Gandhi. He has a special singing bowl that he gongs every morning as class starts and it creates a wave of peaceful energy as the sound rushes past our ears. We've covered pregnancy massage, geriatric massage, paraplegic and Hospice massage; but my favorite part is when we go off subject entirely and talk about life, psychology and the key to happiness. Today we talked about how mood is the biggest proponent in the healing process and how you're only as old as you feel. We briefly talked about the Harvard Study of Adult Development that tracked 724 adults for 50 years of their life. It is one of the longest running studies that tracked these individuals physical and mental health and well being. The study only included men but I wanted to share the results with you. The study found that 40% of happiness comes from the choices we make. These choices include knowing when to let go, (aka don't sweat the small stuff, but enjoy the moment you are in and let go of past mistakes). Another result of the study showed that good relationships keep us happier and healthier, not how much is in our 401k or the quantity of friends we have, but the quality of those friendships. Being happy is a direct result of having positive/close relationships with people you can count on, while letting go of toxic ones. Staying active throughout your life is also a result of your physical wellness and connects to the idea that "you're only as old as you feel." If you are told by physicians that deterioration of the body is a natural result of aging it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because people then stop taking care of their bodies when they feel that their health is out of their control. My teacher was in the military before and now works as an Injury Treatment Specialist with a focus on those injured in war. I will be focusing more on similar topics in the future, but in the mean time share your thoughts on the subject and what you feel has contributed to your overall happiness and wellbeing 💙💜❤

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