Massage School Week One 🤗

Good Afternoon everyone! I wanted to share with all of you my first week in massage school and the positive vibes I've experienced so far. I plan on posting once a week on my progress throughout this 10 month journey 💗 First, I want to say that I was shocked at how transparent, vulnerable and passionate all of my classmates were on the first day of class! I've never been part of a group of people who are so passionate about the career path they've chosen and feel 100% certain that everything in their life had brought them to that point. On the first day of class every student had the opportunity to get up in front of everyone and share their story. I felt like I was in Therapy: there were tears shed and stories shared that were so personal I felt instant empathy toward someone I had just met. So many struggles, setbacks, self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough or being too old to start a new career... All these thoughts and feelings that I myself have felt before and have used as a reason to not put myself out there or try something new came to the surface. Along with these life struggles, I think this past year living with Covid has opened people up to a new and deeper level. One of the things that one of my classmates had mentioned, and something I think all of us have learned this past year, is the importance of Human Touch. We can surround ourselves with machines where we can video chat with someone, or get a massage in a chair or by using a hand held device, etc... but there's something about Human Touch that breathes life into us. It's energy that is transferred from one person to another and it keeps our souls alive. Share your story about the importance of Human Touch and what it means to you 🙏

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