Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! It's July 7th again, which means... I turn 34 today 😮

So I thought it only appropriate that I talk about memorable birthday celebrations with you! I have to admit that after 30 the years kind of start blending together, but i'm still grateful for friends and family reaching out and making my day special. Since my birthday is so close to Independence Day, I would often have the celebrations combined into one large party! The last big celebration I had was for my 30th birthday, when my family took me to Fujiyama ♨ It was the first and only time I've been to that kind of restaurant, which makes it all the more special! I remember last year, my family was in Hawaii and I was feeling especially sad that I would be spending my birthday alone... that's when a friend surprised me with a beautifully decorated cake, a banner that said Happy Birthday and an arm full of gifts! I have to admit that this was one of my better birthdays, maybe because of the element of surprise 🤩 What birthday traditions do you have? Do you like to celebrate your birthday or is it something you dread? What do you consider your best year and why? I want to hear it all! Comment below 💖

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