National Singles Week!

Today's post is geared toward all of my single readers 🤗 These days there's a holiday for nearly every day of the year and this week is National Singles Week. All I can think is, it's about time! Lets take National Singles Week and cast a shadow over Valentines Days 🖤 I want to ask all my single readers how they are navigating this crazy dating world. If dating was difficult before Covid, it's nearly impossible now. I also want to say... just because you're single doesn't mean you are looking for anyone, or are necessarily unhappy in your single life. One of the great myths about the single life is that you are unhappy or hating your life. You can be single and happy. Some people are putting off dating to focus on themselves, their career, or simply enjoying not being tied down to anyone. However, if you are looking for someone and involved in the dating scene, how are you navigating dating in this Post-Covid world. What kinds of activities have you been doing for dates that are different from things you did before Covid? Do you wear a mask on your dates and stay 6 feet apart? Are you chatting with dates via Zoom and waiting to meet up until things get back to normal? Share how you are navigating the dating scene, if you are taking a break from dating, or just enjoying the single life! Share your dating stories in the comments below or share an awkward third-wheel story 👇

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