Near Death Experiences: Proof of an Afterlife?

I wanted to delve into the topic of Near Death Experiences, or what some refer to as NDE. Not only is it a mystery to experts in the medical field, but to those who have experienced it firsthand. There have been stories of people going through a traumatic moment where they experienced what could be seen as proof of God and the existence of life after death, and as hopeful as this sounds, there is still so little evidence to prove they are true. The skeptic in us might say that people fabricated these stories as a way to gain popularity and make a profit, but not all people who have experienced NDE's have sought fame or money, which begs the question: can it be real? Scientists and Doctors who have studied this phenomenon for years have said that there's a natural explanation for the visions that people experience during a traumatic event. Some experts say that it's simply the brain releasing chemicals during a moment of trauma, which serves as a survival mechanism when the brain is unable to compute what's happening. Scientists term this as 'brain stem death,' which occurs when neural activity in the deepest part of the brain ceases to function and a person loses complete consciousness. A persons heart is still able to function when they lose consciousness, but people in this state often say they have experienced a state of utter peace and serenity, a feeling of being in the presence of God or existing within God. They experience visions and a deep calming peace. One woman who experienced a near death experience while scuba diving said that, "it was truly the greatest peace anyone could know. At the beginning, there was no fear and I felt this was my natural state of being." She remained unconscious for two hours after she was rescued. Others have said that at the time they experienced their NDE they were searching and yearning for spiritual growth, while others were taken to a place that resembles what we might imagine Heaven to be like. Many people have hovered above their lifeless body and all their pain was gone. I don't know about you, but the thought of a NDE sounds pretty great and something to look forward to! Have you, or someone you know, ever had a Near Death Experience? Do you believe these experiences are proof of an afterlife or simply a natural response to trauma? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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