Okay For Now: A Look Inside

Okay for Now, a novel by Gary D. Schmidt, is told through the eyes of a young boy named Doug Swieteck and takes place in Marysville NY. Doug is the youngest member in a disjointed family; with a father who is detached, a brother who seeks to make Doug’s life a living hell, an older brother away at war, and a mother who is aloof. Through Doug’s struggle to make new friends and find a purpose, Doug must learn how to find his own sense of identity in a new town and a new school. Through his stubborn, hot-headed character, Doug quickly makes trouble at school with failing grades and picking fights with classmates; but, through his struggles, he finds a sense of purpose in the unlikeliest of places: the Marysville public library. At the library, Doug is transfixed by an Audubon bird book and makes friends with an old and somewhat wise gentleman by the name of Powell, who quickly takes Doug under his wing and teaches him the art of sketching. Aside from a part time job delivering groceries from a local deli, Doug learns to admire and even love the works of Audubon and his famous bird sketches. Okay for Now takes the misguided character of Doug and gives him a sense of purpose through his mentor Powell and his friendship with Lilly, a neighbor and the voice of reason throughout the book. Written in a modern, stream of consciousness style, this book is enjoyable, easy to read, and offbeat in the way Doug acts and speaks throughout the book. If you enjoyed reading Catcher in the Rye you will definitely enjoy this book! What's on your summer reading list? Comment below!

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