Older Millennials: the lost generation

People might view Millennials as young and entitled, but this group of older Millennials ranges from ages 25-40 and grew up in a time where technology was still in its infancy. A lot of the people I've talked to who grew up during this time share feelings of regret, guilt and failure over their past decisions regarding college and career. Their collective thought is one that wishes they would've had more direction on college decisions and what degrees would be applicable in the age of technology. Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I realize(too late I'm afraid) that a degree in English Literature was probably not the most beneficial for a successful career. A recent survey from CNBC shows that 47% of older Millennials ages 25-40 wish they would have chosen a different career path. In my experience growing up, college was seen as a noteworthy pursuit that would open the door to a better and more successful life. I went into college blindly, as many people do, without knowing what I wanted to do or how to apply what I learned to my life. While I was trying to figure it out, technology took off, leaving me and many other older Millennials in the dark, with degrees collecting dust and student loans that are impossible to pay off. Today I see my mistakes like a flashlight blinding me and bringing me to my knees. Whenever anyone talks about college my heart sinks and I give them my thoughts based on the fruits of wisdom I've learned through my mistakes: that college is a multi-million dollar business that uses false hope to lure young people in before they're old enough to know the repercussions of their decisions. They give young people a jail sentence before they are even old enough to drink alcohol or rent a car. Some of the regrets that are shown through this survey include: Degrees that are irrelevant. Lets just say that studying Homer, Cicero and Aristotle wasn't the most useful in today's technology and business oriented society. Not taking a risk. Many people who went to college are unable to take risks after graduation because they are instantly thrown into a 10 year sentence of paying off debt. A degree that cost more than its worth. Just think of it as adopting a horse who requires constant care and is eating you out of house and home, but you are unable to ride it.

A job Boom that no longer matches their experience. The work force took off at a rapid pace at the turn of the century, leaving older Millennials behind with degrees/experience that no longer apply, and making room for the technology-driven younger generation that came after them. For more information about this survey check it out at CNBC.com Are you an older Millennial who can relate to these feelings? Share your story below 👇

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