Share Your Favorite Christmas Memories

I've known people who open presents and celebrate the holiday on Christmas Eve, while others celebrate on Christmas morning.

Which one are you and why? My family would always get up really early Christmas morning. We would put the kettle on for hot chocolate(with a little peppermint schnapps in more recent years 😉), gather in the living room after my dad gets a fire going in the woodstove and pass out gifts as we laugh and drink cocoa. There's something magical about doing this tradition before the light of day. We can watch the night turn to day, with the scent of the fire burning in the woodstove and the tree filling the house with a sense of comfort and joy while surrounded by family. We would have my moms special breakfast casserole and sticky buns for breakfast and watch Christmas movies while we lounge around in our pajamas. I would usually wander off later in the morning for a walk while some of my family would take a nap, or do some baking and prepare for dinner later on. In recent years my family would spend Christmas dinner at my older brothers' house just a short drive away. The best part about the holiday is spending time with the people I love the most in the world. I always feel loved and accepted when I'm with my family. I can be my true self with them, laugh with them, and feel the most at peace when I'm in their company. What do you cherish the most about the Christmas season and what have been the most memorable moments for you?

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