Stuck in a Rut? Refocus Your Energy!

It can be difficult to find the motivation, focus and energy to follow your dreams or even live day-to-day life with all that's being thrown at us. This year seems to be spiraling out of control, which can cause even the strongest individual to feel like they've lost control. I wanted to talk about some ways we can take that negative energy and turn it into something positive. When I'm feeling stuck and unmotivated in life one of the easiest ways to make a shift in the right direction is to get rid of the clutter around me. By cleaning house, I can give myself a sense of organization and clarity by cleaning up the mess that surrounds me. I make it a habit of going through my closets a few times a year and getting rid of clothes I haven't worn in years, books I haven't read, and random knick-knacks that I didn't even know existed. Not only do I help myself by getting rid of unnecessary clutter but I can also help someone else by donating my things to a local Goodwill or shelter.

Another way I refocus my energy is by getting out and moving around.

Going for a brisk walk or doing Yoga can really help clear the mind and open your heart to new possibilities! I realize that sometimes this is easier said than done. When you're dealing with a problem or issue that seems beyond yourself, it is extremely helpful to talk to someone about it.

I recently had a moment where I was so frustrated that I broke down in tears and just a few minutes of conversation with a friend helped elevate my mood and give me the confidence to tackle my problem from a different vantage point. If you are unable to get out and talk to someone in person, give them a call. Talking on the phone is quick, easy and it's a great way to stay in touch and help each other while we face difficulties.

Another great way to refocus our energy is to make a list of things we want to accomplish for the day and cross them off as we do them! There's nothing better than laying in bed at night with a sense of accomplishment at a day well played!

And lastly, write down your thoughts. Starting a journal can be a great way to get your feelings out on paper and vent. Much like talking to a friend, writing your thoughts down is a tangible way to clear your mind.

With everything that's thrown at us on a daily basis and weighing down our thoughts, it's important to save space for the things that should be there.

Maybe sip a cup of detox tea while doing it. Keeping our bodies healthy and free from toxins will also help clear our minds and help us focus. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject and some of the things you do to get

motivated and focus your energy on what's important. Please comment below!

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