Thanksgiving Wishes🙌

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I thought I would try something different from the traditional question of asking what we are thankful for, to what we wish for. These can be as elaborate and imaginative as possible. Imagine you found a magic lamp and you could make three wishes, what would those wishes be and why? I'll go first... My first wish would be to have my student loan debt eradicated forever. With this hanging over my head I can't even begin to live my life, or make plans for the future. It's like a cinderblock tied around my neck that will most likely last the rest of my life. My second wish would be to live my dream job of being a number one best selling Author. This is just one of my dream jobs, but I chose it because it would give me the most freedom as I can write from anywhere and without the burden of marketing it myself. To just write and know that it will be an automatic success would be amazing!

And my last wish would probably be to have a sense of belonging and love in my life. I know what people would say about this one: that its all based on perspective and that happiness and love comes from within, but I can tell you that I've spent most of my life looking for acceptance, friendship and a feeling of belonging... and after so many years of picking myself up off the ground with a smile on my face, it would be nice to have that assurance. These wishes are more "challenges" than anything else, but what else are wishes but the hope to ease a burden we struggle with. What challenges do you face and what would your three wishes be and why?

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